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"I am an artist who delves into the depths of my imagination to bring my illustrations to life. I am a master of many mediums, each with their own unique properties and characteristics.

I use oil paints to create rich and textured masterpieces, acrylics for their versatility and fast-drying properties, watercolors for their delicate and ethereal quality, charcoal for its ability to create bold and dramatic contrasts, pastel chalks for their soft and dreamy effect, ink for its precision and fine lines, graphite pencils for their subtle and nuanced shading, and colored pencils for their brilliant hues and vibrant details.


I also specialize in hyperrealism, using these mediums to create lifelike and highly detailed illustrations that are so realistic, they almost seem to jump off the page.


I combine these techniques and materials to create traditional and fantastical illustrations that are both striking and captivating."

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